zondag 21 oktober 2018

Jane Austen's Garden in Autumn

Autumn seems to be well and truly upon us now, with bright colours showing through the trees, cool nights and chilly mornings, heavy dews with bright sunny days.

Amazingly the Show Border is still in “wow” mode with a lovely show of colour from the summer annuals. The Tigridia’s - Ferraria Tigridia - (summer flowering bulbs) showed the last 3 petaled bright red flower two weeks ago. All have now been dug up last week by Sheryl, who is one of my 3 new garden volunteers.  Sheryl is a Botanical Artist and has brought pictures for me to see some of her very lovely plant paintings.

September/October and occasionally August are the months to see “Orb” spiders generally sitting in the centre of their beautiful webs which when covered with dew in the early mornings, glisten and twinkle as they move in the sunlight.

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Rose on the front door: Blush Noisette

The rose on the front of Jane’s home is looking more beautiful everyday! For those of you asking the name its Rosa Noisette ‘Blush Noise...