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“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

zondag 22 maart 2015

Castle Howard. Death comes to Pemberley.

Anna Maxwell Martin: "God, I think Jane Austen is amazing. Her female characters are so bright, so witty, and the men in Austen are all so sexy. She was a visionary - perhaps a virgin all her life but to be able to write about unrequited love and fulfilled love in the most extraordinary and heartfelt way is extraordinary and there isn't a dull word that comes out.
"They're always such alive females. And also, all those love stories - no man in Austen has ever fallen in love with a female heroine because she's pretty or beautiful or has long, blonde hair. They fall in love with them because of who they are, because of their vibrancy and their intelligence and if only we were teaching that a bit more in schools."  radiotimes/anna-maxwell-martin

Castle Howard On Film

Since the 1960s, Castle Howard has been used as a location for many film and television productions. The house, the beautiful grounds and wider estate are all ideal settings for costume dramas, feature films and documentaries. 

Death Comes To Pemberley (2013)
Adapted by Juliette Towhidi, the writer of Calendar Girls, the BBC filmed in various locations across Yorkshire. Starring Matthew Rhys and Anna Maxwell-Martin, the two week shoot in  July 2013 saw the interior of the house transformed into Pemberley with scenes filmed in the bedrooms and South Front rooms and Great Hall. The family feel of Castle Howard was ideally suited to portray Pemberley. Find out more.

Brideshead Revisited (2008)
Ecosse Films' production of Evelyn Waugh's novel, directed by Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane) and produced by Robert Bernstein and Douglas Rae together with Kevin Loader. The film has been adapted for the screen by Andrew Davies (Bridget Jones Diary, Bleak House) and Jeremy Brock (The Last King of Scotland). With Ben Whishaw as Sebastian Flyte, Matthew Goode as Charles Ryder, Hayley Atwell as Julia Flyte, with Michael Gambon and Emma Thompson as Lord and Lady Marchmain. Find out more.

Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties (2006)Jon Arbuckle (Breckin Meyer) travels to the United Kingdom, and he brings his cat, Garfield (voiced by Bill Murray), along for the trip. A case of mistaken cat identity finds Garfield ruling over a castle (Castle Howard), but his reign is soon jeopardized by the nefarious Lord Dargis (Billy Connolly), who has designs on the estate.  

Great Estates (2000, 2001)
A series of hugely popular documentaries about Castle Howard and other estates in England, that provided a fascinating glimpse into all aspects of life at Castle Howard indoors, outdoors and behind the scenes.

A Year in the Life of Castle Howard (1996)
A six-part documentary about Castle Howard.  

The Buccaneers (1994)
A BBC production of Edith Wharton's novel of the 19th century encounter between English aristocracy and wealthy American heiresses.  Because of their "new money" background, four American girls have difficulty breaking into the upper-crust society of New York. Laura Testvalley, the governess of one of the girls, suggests a London season and thus the young women set sail for England and the unsuspecting English aristocracy.  

Twelfth Night (1978)A BBC production of one of Shakespeare's most popular comedies, and surprisingly the only time Castle Howard has been used for a Shakespeare play.

Brideshead Revisited (1981)

Granada TV's production of Evelyn Waugh's novel, starring Anthony Andrews, Jeremy Irons and Diana Quick, is recognised by many as one of the great costume dramas of all time. Although it is not certain that Waugh identified his Brideshead with Castle Howard, for many people the two buildings have come to epitomise a nostalgia for England before the Second World War. Find out more.

Barry Lyndon (1975)

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on the novel by William Thackeray.  Redmond Barry is a young, roguish Irishman who's determined, in any way, to make a life for himself as a wealthy nobleman. Enlisting in the British Army, fighting in the Seven Years War in Europe, Barry deserts from the British army, joins the Prussian army, gets promoted to the rank of a spy, then becomes pupil to a Chevalier and con artist.  

The Spy With a Cold Nose (1966)
A spoof cold war spy thriller starring Lawrence Harvey with Castle Howard masquerading as the Kremilin in Moscow.  The Russian Premier is presented with a British bulldog that has been fitted with a transmitter by Dr. Francis Trevelyan (Laurence Harvey).  

Lady L (1965)

Directed by Peter Ustinov, and starring David Niven, Sophia Loren and Paul Newman in a tale of European anarchists and aristocrats.  Lady Louise Lendale (Sophia Loren) is 80 years old and tells her long time admirer, British poet Sir Percy (Cecil Parker), all about her eventful life.
 Rooms used in Death goes to Pemberley
See photo's above
Crimson Dining Room      
Used as the dining room, we see Mr Darcy, Elizabeth, Georgiana, Henry Alveston and Mr and Mrs Bennet gathered round the table in episode one

Turquoise Drawing Room           
Used as the drawing room, the Turquoise Drawing Room is an integral part of the production with many important scenes taking place here. Including Colonel Fitzwilliam excusing himself from the party for an evening ride in episode one and Mr Darcy's conversation with the magistrate.
Lady Georgiana's Bedroom           
Portraying Lydia's bedroom, we see Lydia sedated by the doctor and being comforted by Elizabeth and Georgiana in this room in episode one.

Music Room                                
Used to portray Elizabeth's study, some key story lines come to the fore in this room in the final episode.

Temple of the Four Winds
A meeting between Elizabeth and her sister Jane takes place at the pavilion in episode two.
Austen werd geboren in Hampshire. Haar vader was een geestelijke. Het grootste deel van haar leven bleef zij in haar geboortestreek. Austen had zes broers en een oudere zuster, Cassandra, met wie zij zeer hecht was. Het enige onbetwiste portret van Jane Austen is een gekleurde schets die door Cassandra werd gemaakt en nu in de National Portrait Gallery in Londen hangt. In 1801 verhuisde de familie naar Bath. In 1802 werd Austen ten huwelijk gevraagd door de rijke Harris Bigg-Wither en zij stemde toe; de volgende dag deelde ze echter mee dat zij haar woord niet kon houden en trok haar instemming in. De reden hiervoor is niet bekend, maar Austen is nooit getrouwd. Na de dood van haar vader in 1805 woonden Jane, haar zuster en haar moeder daar nog verscheidene jaren tot zij in 1809 naar Chawton verhuisden. Hier had haar rijke broer Edward een landgoed met een plattelandshuisje, dat hij aan zijn moeder en zusters schonk (dit huis is tegenwoordig open voor het publiek). Zelfs nadat zij naam gemaakt had als romanschrijfster bleef zij in relatieve stilte leven, maar haar gezondheid ging sterk achteruit. Er wordt nu aangenomen dat zij de ziekte van Addison had, waarvan toen de oorzaak nog onbekend was. Ze reisde naar Winchester om behandeling te zoeken, maar stierf daar en werd begraven in de kathedraal.
Tot Austens beroemdste werk behoort de roman Emma. Het boek wordt vaak aangehaald vanwege de perfectie van vorm. Moderne critici blijven ook nieuwe perspectieven ontdekken op het scherpe commentaar van Austen betreffende de klasse van jonge, ongehuwde, aristocratische Engelse vrouwen in de vroege 19e eeuw.


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Fashion - Regency 1

Edward Austen Leigh wrote down this description of Jane's appearence in the years just after the family left Southampton.

"She was tall and slender; her face was rounded with a clear brunette complexion and bright hazel eyes.

Her curly brown hair escaped all round her forehead, but from the time of her coming to live at Chawton she always wore a cap, except when her nieces had her in London and forbade it."

Henry Austen said of his sister, " Her stature rather exceeded the middle height; her carriage anad deportment were quiet but graceful; her complexion of the finest texture, it might with truth be said that her eloquent blood spoke through her modest cheek." Henry applied these lines to Jane: " Her pure and eloquent blood spake in her cheeks and so distinctly wrought that you had almost said her body thought."

Austen's niece Caroline recollected: "As to my aunt's personal appearance, hers was the first face I can remember thinking pretty. Her face was rather round than long, she had a bright, but not a pink colour—a clear brown complexion, and very good hazel eyes. Her hair, a darkish brown, curled naturally, it was in short curls around her face. She always wore a cap